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Welcome to Anti-Fog Technology

Anti-Fog Technology, LLC, is the official North American installation and distribution partner of a patented Anti-Fog product. For over 10 years, Anti-Fog Technology, LLC has been selling and installing technologically advanced products for many diverse residential and commercial applications.

Things you should know about Anti-Fog Film’s newly developed Technology

  • Sourced from natural materials
  • Not a coated PET film
  • Can never be washed or rubbed off
  • Anti-Fog properties are inherent in the material
  • Glass remains clear 100% of time
  • Our Anti-Fog Film is sustainable & environmentally friendly
  • Savings between $90 - 125 per year per door or mirror
  • ROI < 2 Years
  • Applied using locally trained installers
  • Recognized & approved for utility rebates
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase sales due to better merchandiser environment

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AntiFog Technology Products

ANTI-FOG SMALL (30 in. width)

For use on small windows and doors at your home or office

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ANTI-FOG LARGE (60 in. width)

For use on large windows and doors at your home or office

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