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About Anti-Fog

Anti-Fog can be applied to any relatively flat glass surface to prevent fogging due to differences in humidity and air temperature.

Innovative, Sustainable, Effective.

The technology behind Anti-Fog has advanced rapidly over the last ten years. While the concept initiated as a solution for refrigerator doors and display cases, today’s cutting edge technology allows for a broad spectrum of applications.

This is the next generation of Anti-Fog; technologically advanced and more affordable than ever.

Previously anti-fog could only be accomplished effectively through use of a thick 10 mil film, the new product is only 4 mil (0.1mm) thick for improved lamination. It is no longer a poylcarbonate substrate, Anti-Fog is PET. A new adhesive eliminates tiger striping caused by temperature changes and leaves no residue on the glass when removed. It is crystal clear, allowing for 100% visibility at all times.

Fogging occurs when tiny droplets of water form on a surface and obscure visibility. Anti-Fog is hydrophilic, so it attracts the water, and sheets it out invisibly on the coated surface resulting in a clear, fog-free surface.

Long-Term Performance and Savings

Anti-Fog offers long-term performance as well as scratch resistance, impact resistance and beautiful optical clarity. Not to mention chemical resistance, printability and anti-static properties.

Anti-Fog Technology, LLC (AFT)

An installation and distribution company specializing in Anti-Fog products. As the go-to experts in our industry, AFT has been selling and installing technologically advanced Anti-Fog products for more than 10 years to residential, and commercial clients with diverse needs.

Proven Reliability & Dedication

AFT has an impeccable reputation within our industry because we only use the most skillfully trained experts in their fields. We guarantee and stand by our work, as evidenced by our extensive history of satisfied customers.

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