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Supermarket Freezer Doors Energy-Efficient?


When customers open the freezer door at the supermarket, the glass on the inside will fog. When the door is closed again, the next shopper isn’t able to see all of the products inside. Before our anti-fog film, supermarkets had to use energy-sapping door heaters to prevent the fog. Over one year, eliminating the cost of operating these heaters equates to a savings of $70-150 per door each year in the United States.

Our film is incredibly hydrophilic and absorbent — it really, really loves water. Instead of allowing the tiny discrete globules of water to form on the surface that would create fog, the anti-fog film spreads the water out over the surface, keeping it transparent. Our film can stick onto glass, and any flat surface including plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. The possibilities are endless, so call us today to inquire about how we can help you be fog free and more energy-efficient. Visit our website www.AntiFogTechnology for more information or call 941-ANTIFOG.

(The above photo is of a freezer case where the two doors to the left are not treated with anti-fog film. The door on the right is treated with anti-fog film and proves how our technology works.)

Pioneering Innovation with Chemistry!

Thinking Ahead of the Curve

The attendees at the FMI 2015 Energy Store + Design Conference held in San Diego, CA were high level intelligent decision makers who realize the grocery industry is changing, and are open to innovative ideas and products. The keynote speaker; Robert Tucker kicked off the event putting everyone in the mindset of thinking ahead of the curve.

Whether it’s to meet government regulations or a change in shopping demographics, these executives know now is the time to take action.

What does that mean for Anti-Fog Technology? Angelo Ragone; President of AFT shares,  “A majority of the industry professionals represented are willing to test pilot our product and let it speak for itself. For us, that is a all we ask. Our technology is energy efficient, sustainable and we are confident once they can see for themselves, it will encourage them to move forward. It is tough being the new guy on the block, but when you have a new advanced product that works and is being validated daily, it makes it a lot easier.”

One of the slides that spoke to AFT was about the benefits of Retro-Fit products.

One of the slides that spoke to AFT was about the benefits of Retro-Fit products.


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Pain in the Frozen Food Aisle


A typical customer experience in the frozen food aisle!


Customer A opens the frozen food door to purchase several products. In the meantime that door begins to fog. In less than 25 seconds that door is completely fogged over and literally prevents the next consumer from seeing the product in that freezer case.

Customer B comes along and has two choices; 1. Either walk right past the door because they can’t see what’s inside. 2. They can open the door to view the merchandise which makes the fogging situation even worse.anti-fogtechnology

Your cost while this happens *Possible loss of impulse buy. *Merchandise exposed to extreme differences in temperature. *On average you are spending $100 a year per door in attempt to defrost the glass.

Here is a low-cost zero energy solution to combat this pain. Anti-Fog Technology has a film that keeps the door clear 100% of the time, and removes the need for costly sweat heaters.

The Results *A better shopping experience for the customer. *Cost savings up to $100 per door for the grocery store. *Increase in sales because the doors are clear 100% of the time allowing for impulse buys.

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Moisture On Glass? Problem Solved!


How We Solved That Problem with Anti-Fog Technology

Anti-Fog Technology at work! Here is what we did for one of our grocery store clients.

On the left you will see doors that have anti-fog film on them, on the right all those cases are NOT treated with anti-fog film. Because anti-fog technology’s film is naturally hydrophilic and absorbent, it absorbs the moisture on the doors. It’s also a zero-energy solution allowing grocery stores to disconnect the sweat heater to the glass, saving energy at the same time, providing a clear view for customers. A clear solution for moisture on glass ( This technology can be used on any glass that fogs, including hotel mirrors).

Pioneering Innovation with Chemistry!