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The Moist Truth About Foggy Hotel Mirrors

One clean towel a day to wipe the condensation off a foggy hotel mirror can be costly!

Every year hotel chains spend millions of dollars in electric, water, detergent, and labor cost to ensure our rooms are supplied with clean, comfortable towels for our use. When the mirrors fog in the bathroom, we grab a clean towel and clear the moisture away and then toss it. Even the use of one small hand towel per room based on a hotels occupancy can drive cleaning cost for just that 1 towel to nearly $10K annually. How?

Let’s look at 1 towel. Average hand towel weighs approximately 0.4LBS. Using rule of thumb of 1.5 gallons of water per pound of clothing, that is nearly 1/2 gallon of water. Now add in your cost of detergent and electric to wash and dry, you are looking at approximately $0.06 per day to clean that 1 towel. That works out to be just about $22 per year to wash and dry that 1 towel every day. Now, looking at a 550 room hotel in NYC with 80% occupancy rate, that works out to be about 440 times that cost, or nearly $10,000 (below is a sample NYC Hotel we used to calculate costs).

Anti-Fog Technology uses a natural film that is optically clear, inherently hydrophilic, and extremely absorbent. Our technology has been verified by many of the largest utility companies in the country. In addition, we have been able to receive substantial rebates.

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