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Refrigeration Application

Introducing our new Anti-Fog Film. This patented, new technology completely eliminates the need for Anti-Sweat Heaters!

Refrigerated Display Cases

Ever since the days of the first reach in display case, visibility has been an issue. The shopper opens the door, pulls out a product, decides she doesn’t like the ingredients, puts it back, closes the door and— wait! Now the door has fogged and she can no longer see the product.

She will either stand uncomfortably in the open door or she will move on. Anti-Fog changes all this. In fact, it changes everything.

The standard refrigerated display case door comes fitted with a heater that turns on after the door has been opened to reduce sweating and fogging. Once the heater stops, the compressor must then kick in to bring the temperature in the case back down. This is an inefficient and costly use of electricity. The EIA calculates that one fourth of the carbon footprint of a supermarket is the result of the use of the HFC’s in refrigeration equipment. Anti-Fog changes all this. Saving you money, saving the environment.

Energy Rebates

Many utility companies have realized the potential of Anti-Fog to reduce energy consumption; your utility company may offer rebates for installing Anti-Fog and switching off anti-sweat heaters (up to $150/door). Rebates vary by region, to find out more about rebates in your area, contact your local utility company.

By installing the film on 1 freezer door:

  • Savings of $10/month or $120/year. The average freezer life is 6-10 years. That’s a savings of $720- 1,200 over the life of the freezer door. Reductions up to 60%
  • Compressor function becomes 30% more efficient. And because anti-fog film lightens the load on the compressor, their useful life is potentially extended and maintenance issues are avoided; another important benefit of anti-fog freezer door window film.
  • CO2 emissions are drastically reduced.
  • Anti-fog is a passive, low cost solution to address condensation and improve merchandising for reach in refrigerator and freezer doors.
  • It reduces energy costs.
  • It is scratch, mar and chemical resistant.
  • It is easily applied to existing units in existing stores.
  • It is printable for in-store branding.

A Quote from one of our stores Sustainability Managers:

“The results demonstrated that the freezer unit reduced electricity consumption by 47% when the film was applied and the anti-sweat heater was disconnected. Initial calculated values showed an estimated annual savings of 2917.08kWhr for the 5 door unit with total consumption of 6307.2kWhr. Actual values came in at 2980.152kWhr. In addition, store Team Members commented that the visibility of the product through the glass doors was improved.”

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Everyday we are contacted by new industries inquiring about Anti-Fog. The product is poised to solve age-old problems across a broad spectrum of industries; from putting a stop to fog on medical equipment in cold operating rooms to eliminating the need for sweat heaters on refrigerated display cases, Anti-fog Technology innovative, sustainable, effective solution is revolutionizing Industry.

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