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Residential Applications

Bathrooms: Mirrors & Shower Doors


Anti-fog can be applied to any reasonably flat, glass or polycarbonate surface. That means mirrors, windows, shower doors, steam room doors— anywhere that is subject to fogging.

Improve your morning ritual with a cleaner, clearer shower experience. Anti-fog prevents bathroom mirrors and shower doors from fogging. Keeping your bathroom cleaner and neater and allowing you to get through your morning routine quicker and easier.

Imagine a fog-free bathroom.


Imagine your morning routine free of fog. Anti-Fog provides 100% visibility.


No water stains or droplets and Anti-Fog can be cleaned with everyday household products.


Over 12,000 people per year are injured in America due to broken shower doors. Reduce your risk of injury with Anti-Fog film.

Automobiles :: Mirrors & Glass

Anti-Fog can be applied to side view mirrors, door windows and most automobile windshields.

With Anti-Fog you can eliminate the danger and frustration of a foggy windshield for good.

A clear view 100 percent of the time means a safer driving experience, not only is the glass clearer but Anti-Fog provides an extra layer of protection against shattering in the event of an accident or projectile.