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International Space Station Uses Anti-Fog Film

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NASA & ANTI-FOG TECHNOLOGY – A Winning Combination In Space

NASA had an issue on The International Space Station with their glass camera lenses fogging. Anti-Fog  Technology’s film is currently being used successfully to alleviate that issue.

Anti-Fog Technology flew on the Cygnus spacecraft to the International Space Station aboard Atlas V rocket launched December 6, 2015 which reached an altitude of 221 miles, a speed of 17,500 miles per hour and flew more than 64 million miles over the course of 157 days.

Anti-Fog Technology recently was presented with a certificate of authenticity from NASA confirming its use.

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Supermarket Freezer Doors Energy-Efficient?


When customers open the freezer door at the supermarket, the glass on the inside will fog. When the door is closed again, the next shopper isn’t able to see all of the products inside. Before our anti-fog film, supermarkets had to use energy-sapping door heaters to prevent the fog. Over one year, eliminating the cost of operating these heaters equates to a savings of $70-150 per door each year in the United States.

Our film is incredibly hydrophilic and absorbent — it really, really loves water. Instead of allowing the tiny discrete globules of water to form on the surface that would create fog, the anti-fog film spreads the water out over the surface, keeping it transparent. Our film can stick onto glass, and any flat surface including plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. The possibilities are endless, so call us today to inquire about how we can help you be fog free and more energy-efficient. Visit our website www.AntiFogTechnology for more information or call 941-ANTIFOG.

(The above photo is of a freezer case where the two doors to the left are not treated with anti-fog film. The door on the right is treated with anti-fog film and proves how our technology works.)

Pioneering Innovation with Chemistry!

Pain in the Frozen Food Aisle


A typical customer experience in the frozen food aisle!


Customer A opens the frozen food door to purchase several products. In the meantime that door begins to fog. In less than 25 seconds that door is completely fogged over and literally prevents the next consumer from seeing the product in that freezer case.

Customer B comes along and has two choices; 1. Either walk right past the door because they can’t see what’s inside. 2. They can open the door to view the merchandise which makes the fogging situation even worse.anti-fogtechnology

Your cost while this happens *Possible loss of impulse buy. *Merchandise exposed to extreme differences in temperature. *On average you are spending $100 a year per door in attempt to defrost the glass.

Here is a low-cost zero energy solution to combat this pain. Anti-Fog Technology has a film that keeps the door clear 100% of the time, and removes the need for costly sweat heaters.

The Results *A better shopping experience for the customer. *Cost savings up to $100 per door for the grocery store. *Increase in sales because the doors are clear 100% of the time allowing for impulse buys.

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The Moist Truth About Foggy Hotel Mirrors

One clean towel a day to wipe the condensation off a foggy hotel mirror can be costly!

Every year hotel chains spend millions of dollars in electric, water, detergent, and labor cost to ensure our rooms are supplied with clean, comfortable towels for our use. When the mirrors fog in the bathroom, we grab a clean towel and clear the moisture away and then toss it. Even the use of one small hand towel per room based on a hotels occupancy can drive cleaning cost for just that 1 towel to nearly $10K annually. How?

Let’s look at 1 towel. Average hand towel weighs approximately 0.4LBS. Using rule of thumb of 1.5 gallons of water per pound of clothing, that is nearly 1/2 gallon of water. Now add in your cost of detergent and electric to wash and dry, you are looking at approximately $0.06 per day to clean that 1 towel. That works out to be just about $22 per year to wash and dry that 1 towel every day. Now, looking at a 550 room hotel in NYC with 80% occupancy rate, that works out to be about 440 times that cost, or nearly $10,000 (below is a sample NYC Hotel we used to calculate costs).

Anti-Fog Technology uses a natural film that is optically clear, inherently hydrophilic, and extremely absorbent. Our technology has been verified by many of the largest utility companies in the country. In addition, we have been able to receive substantial rebates.

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Help us to do our part in saving the planet. It’s all about sustainable living!

Anti-Fog Technology – Pioneering Innovation with Chemistry.

Combating Moisture on Glass with Heat?

If you are like most companies, you are battling moisture on glass with heat which requires energy. Energy costs money and is not sustainable. Up until now, there hasn’t been a zero-energy solution.

Anti-Fog Technology recently discovered a way to combat moisture with a low-cost innovative product. Our technology uses a natural film that is optically clear, inherently hydrophilic, and extremely absorbent. Our technology has been verified by many of the largest utility companies in the country. In addition, we have been able to receive substantial rebates.

One of our customers spoke at a recent conference and stated, “We are  saving 47% off our refrigeration costs using Anti-Fog’s film.” Not only can this technology be used for low-temp freezer doors, but on hotel mirrors that fog.

There are big savings for the hotel industry or any industry that uses glass and battles moisture. Below is a valuation we did for a hotel in New York City using just one towel a day to wipe off the foggy mirrors in the bathroom (you know you’re guilty of this too). By using one towel a day; detergent, water and utilities are factored in. The savings speak for themselves.

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New Technology Poised to Change Refrigeration Industry

“Introducing Cutting-Edge Anti-Fog Technology For A Fog-Free World”

Anti-Fog Technology will introduce its new Anti-Fog Film technology for low temp freezer doors this June at FMIConnect. This product is poised to reform the refrigeration industry by providing a low-cost, zero-energy replacement for anti-sweat heaters.

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