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Combating Moisture on Glass with Heat?

If you are like most companies, you are battling moisture on glass with heat which requires energy. Energy costs money and is not sustainable. Up until now, there hasn’t been a zero-energy solution.

Anti-Fog Technology recently discovered a way to combat moisture with a low-cost innovative product. Our technology uses a natural film that is optically clear, inherently hydrophilic, and extremely absorbent. Our technology has been verified by many of the largest utility companies in the country. In addition, we have been able to receive substantial rebates.

One of our customers spoke at a recent conference and stated, “We are  saving 47% off our refrigeration costs using Anti-Fog’s film.” Not only can this technology be used for low-temp freezer doors, but on hotel mirrors that fog.

There are big savings for the hotel industry or any industry that uses glass and battles moisture. Below is a valuation we did for a hotel in New York City using just one towel a day to wipe off the foggy mirrors in the bathroom (you know you’re guilty of this too). By using one towel a day; detergent, water and utilities are factored in. The savings speak for themselves.

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