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Anti-Fog Technology to Speak at The UK’s HVACR exhibition


The ACR Show, the UK’s only dedicated exhibition for the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and heat pump sectors opens its doors at the NEC, Birmingham in just a few weeks (16-18 February). Anti-Fog Technology; a US based company, has accepted an invitation to educate attendees on sustainable energy solutions.

This biennial event will see 100+ companies exhibiting top brand products, offering live demonstrations and giving advice on affordable and efficient solutions.

Leading experts will share their knowledge and advice in each of the three main categories; Air Conditioning & Heat Pump, Refrigeration & Cooling and Refrigerants. Angelo Ragone; President of Anti-Fog Technology (AFT), an expert in zero-energy sustainable film solutions for industries such as, but not limited to refrigeration, will take the stage at the ACR show to educate attendees on the use of films and their benefits in achieving maximum energy efficiency with the least amount of costs. As energy becomes more regulated, companies are required to find new technologies with a smaller carbon impact than our existing equipment. Condensation and fog are two issues business owners understand, yet many of them are not educated about the solutions. AFT will speak about the issues, solutions and resources available. Pain in the Frozen Food Aisle is the topic of discussion planned for Wednesday 17th of February from 2:45pm-3:30pm.


The decision to include H&V companies has won the backing of all the leading trade associations, including the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR), Federation of Environmental Trade Associations (FETA), Refcom, the Building and Engineering Services Association (BESA), British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), Association of European Component Manufacturers (ASERCOM) and the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA).

The wider industry has pledged its support for the event too, with 60% of exhibitors coming to The ACR Show for the very first time.

Expanding into these sectors has provided a bigger platform for companies to engage with the show and to deliver a show that industry has been asking for.



Angelo Ragone, originally from The Bronx, New York, has established
his entrepreneurial footprint in the sustainable energy industry as the President and Founder of Anti-Fog Technology and NBI Suncontrol. His dynamic and vivacious personality works in accordance with his willingness to take calculated risks in order to exceed client’s expectations in his field of expertise.

As a certified diver and earnest peripatetic, Angelo seeks to promote sustainable energy saving products that will contribute to the preservation of our environment. To do that, he has built a team of specialists who are singularly driven towards innovation. As an attendee to a variety of energy and sustainability conferences across the globe, Angelo and his team are seeking opportunities to speak out to the public about the multifaceted benefits of a new and revolutionary technology.

To contact Mr. Ragone for interviews and speaking engagements please email or call (941)387-4458.

Supermarket Freezer Doors Energy-Efficient?


When customers open the freezer door at the supermarket, the glass on the inside will fog. When the door is closed again, the next shopper isn’t able to see all of the products inside. Before our anti-fog film, supermarkets had to use energy-sapping door heaters to prevent the fog. Over one year, eliminating the cost of operating these heaters equates to a savings of $70-150 per door each year in the United States.

Our film is incredibly hydrophilic and absorbent — it really, really loves water. Instead of allowing the tiny discrete globules of water to form on the surface that would create fog, the anti-fog film spreads the water out over the surface, keeping it transparent. Our film can stick onto glass, and any flat surface including plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. The possibilities are endless, so call us today to inquire about how we can help you be fog free and more energy-efficient. Visit our website www.AntiFogTechnology for more information or call 941-ANTIFOG.

(The above photo is of a freezer case where the two doors to the left are not treated with anti-fog film. The door on the right is treated with anti-fog film and proves how our technology works.)

Pioneering Innovation with Chemistry!

Pain in the Frozen Food Aisle


A typical customer experience in the frozen food aisle!


Customer A opens the frozen food door to purchase several products. In the meantime that door begins to fog. In less than 25 seconds that door is completely fogged over and literally prevents the next consumer from seeing the product in that freezer case.

Customer B comes along and has two choices; 1. Either walk right past the door because they can’t see what’s inside. 2. They can open the door to view the merchandise which makes the fogging situation even worse.anti-fogtechnology

Your cost while this happens *Possible loss of impulse buy. *Merchandise exposed to extreme differences in temperature. *On average you are spending $100 a year per door in attempt to defrost the glass.

Here is a low-cost zero energy solution to combat this pain. Anti-Fog Technology has a film that keeps the door clear 100% of the time, and removes the need for costly sweat heaters.

The Results *A better shopping experience for the customer. *Cost savings up to $100 per door for the grocery store. *Increase in sales because the doors are clear 100% of the time allowing for impulse buys.

Visit Anti-Fog Technology for more information or contact us at 1-855-Fog-Free.

New Technology Poised to Change Refrigeration Industry

“Introducing Cutting-Edge Anti-Fog Technology For A Fog-Free World”

Anti-Fog Technology will introduce its new Anti-Fog Film technology for low temp freezer doors this June at FMIConnect. This product is poised to reform the refrigeration industry by providing a low-cost, zero-energy replacement for anti-sweat heaters.

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